[Auditorium Overhaul],
Leading Secondary School, Doha

This auditorium project, delivered in the early part of 2019 was a complete overhaul and redesign of a legacy system that had not been improved upon for over 10 years. The performance and assembly space - situated in one of the 3 highest subscribed schools in the Sultanate of Qatar, - required an improved solution which would reflect the prestigious reputability which this particular educational establishment site has been known for, for many years,
It was quickly decided that the solution implemented would be the development of a completely new Audio, Visual and Lighting solution with some requirements for fabrication and metalworks.

In partnership with Bose Middle East, Student Express were able to provide a full Bose Professional Solution including the brand new MSA12x Pan-array Column speakers. DS40 ceiling mounted audio and Low-Frequency MB210 Sub-Woofers to give a strong, bassy fortification to the crisp audio.

Design and Reasoning
A key challenge in the implementation of a premium audio solution here, was the unique shape of the auditorium space; The hall’s beautiful vaulted ceiling descends on a steady incline from a highpoint of 21 feet at the stage front in to a waving descent , which levels out toward the main entrance of the room.
This unique design feature presented a need for creative thinking with regard to the acoustic considerations of the final solution.
One which the MSA12X was found to be perfectly suited. Due to their unique steerable column, the audio beam of the speaker can be shifted in a custom arrangement to adapt to changes in position or the idiosyncrasies of a given environment.
A factor which made them a desirable and well-suited addition.

Audio Reinforcement
Audio was further supported by DS40 ceiling mountable speakers at the very back of the auditorium, a lack of feasible wall space or mounting points in this part of the room was overcome through these popular, reliable, powerful speakers. Giving reinforcement of the audio for overflow.

At This Site:
Comprehensive Audio System - High, Mid and Low Frequency Speakers with Additional Audio Reinforcement, Amplification and Wireless Microphones.
Comprehensive Lighting System - Profile, Stage and Washer Lighting.
Wireless Audio Control System - iPad controlled, App enabled audio system with total control and freedom of movement.
Wireless Lighting Control System - Wide colour range control system, with an extensive profile configuration for ease of use.
Dynamic Fabrication - newly constructed, purpose-built trussing and lighting bars as per design specification and emergent challenges.

[Phase 1infrastructure],
EYFS - 6th Form School, Dubai

This new build all-the-way-through School which opened in the Dubailand area in September 2018, became a A Key Project for Student Express in Dubai. This end to end solution involved the implementation of a full Network Solution, Telephony, Education Devices and supporting client devices for Administrative Staff and facilities. The installation and configuration of all infrastructure became a large focus for Student Express over the Summer of 2018, to ensure everything was operational in time for the commencement of the first academic year.

With a site-wide Cisco Meraki Solution we were able to implement an easily managed network with an intuitive, cloud based management software to oversee all client activity and network traffic from one easy to use dashboard.

The solution was designed and implemented by a team of four specialist engineers, responsible for the imaging and deployment of all Network Devices. Terminations and some supportive corrections were also delivered in order to assist in the needs of the main contractor.

At This Site:
Network Infrastructure- Servers, Switches, Access Points and Configuration.
Client Devices - All CPUs, Handsets and Learning Technologies.
Auditorium - All Audio and Visual Aspects.

[Marketing Activation]
Student Express x Canon X Bose

In collaboration with Canon, Student Express worked to make products available for University Students by Purchase Order and our E-Commerce Platform for the duration of the Freshers Fairs Period. This presented an opportunity for Students on-site to interact with Canon products and make purchases through our special access platform or purchase order on campus in real time. The driving factor for Students in this period was the special pricing and limited runs Canon made available exclusively through Student Express in partnership with their biggest distributor in the UK. By coupling the need for the relevant equipment for study and leisure. We led with immediate availability and attractive pricing for both the affluent and discerning buyers in their respective needs.

Short Term
• New product purchases with continued consumables requirements. (Canon inks and toner).
• Brand loyalty in early adopters and technologically engaged individuals with on going technical requirement.
• Positive exposure to public sector decision makers and educational establishments.

Long Term
• Continued brand exposure to Individuals with high expenditure and need for Canon products. • Brand loyalty from individuals with high likelihood to become decision makers in the Private Sector.
• Gateway provision for long-term brand awareness for Canon and new commercial opportunities in Education Sector.

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